the suicide squad

The Suicide Squad Service with upgrades

The Suicide Squad Service $600
Upgrade A $400
Upgrade B $500
Upgrade C $500
Upgrade D $500
Upgrade E $1000
Upgrade F $1000
Upgrade G $500
Upgrade H $600
Upgrade I $600
Upgrade J $600
Upgrade K $600
Upgrade L $1200 (Suicide Squad Deathstar)
Upgrade M1 Duke of Westminister $600
Upgrade M2 Black Friday $600 ( Duke of Westminister a must have before getting the Black Friday Upgrade)
Upgrade N Wickerman Engine $600

The Occult Suicide Squad:

The Occult Suicide Squad Upgrades

Upgrade O The Spear of Destiny $600
Upgrade P Satanist PG $600
Upgrade Q1 The Power of Lucifer Portal PC $2000
Upgrade Q2 Toxic Waste of God PC $2000
Upgrade R1 Wickerwoman Female Sublime Good Slave Male $1200
Upgrade R2 Sublime Good upload from the earth energies iron rod servce $600
Upgrade S Christmas made into hell for all eternity service $1000
Upgrade T SS Protection Service $600
Upgrade U Harley Quinn Service $600
Upgrade V Lady Gaga Superbowl Hell Engine Service $600
Upgrade W The Antichrist PC Total Reality Implant Engine $1600
Upgrade Wa Muslim upgrade $400
Upgrade Wb Mark of the Beast $600
Upgrade X Armageddon Engine $600
Upgrade Za Lady Gaga Superbowl Wickerwoman Service $1000