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Psychic Warfare Master Service


Mind Over Matter Psi Master Service


Bone Generator Real Vampire Service


( Below services will be available soon )

Cursing against any single person or any single western establishment

Tim Rifat will curse and use occult warfare on any single person you describe for $1000

And for those of you who wish to curse a bank (a Western bank), Western corporation, Western entity like the EU, We also offer the cursing facility for $1000, to curse any single western establishment, which could be the Federal Reserve, the Pentagon, White House, Democratic Party, Tory Party, the NATO Vermin, EU, Bank of International Settlements, Barclay’s Bank, you name it, we’ll curse it.

Psychic Protection

Tim Rifat offers a psychic protection service from cursing for $1000 a year, which of course will destroy the psychic attack on you, and then reverse it upon the person that is psychically attacking you. $1000

Synergistic power with +

If you put a contract out on anybody for $1000 for a curse, this of course relieves life force, so for example, if you curse Barclays Bank, or the EU, an immense amount of energy is released. This can be uploaded into, PsychotronicGenerator®, which of course will be available to the cursing customers for $1000 extra.

And if your psychically protecting yourself not only can you use the energy of the curser, say it’s for example, the pentagon, that energy can then be uploaded to you by Psychotronic Generators® for $1000 and also used against the pentagon to kill them. So if you think you’re being cursed by a large entity with loads of energy then (e.g., like Satanists) it’s worthwhile purchasing the $1000 upgrade to your cursing on to give you the life force from killing that person or corporation or if you’re being cursed by a corporation or Satanists, it’s worth getting feed off those that curse me to feed you.