Mind Over Matter Psi Master Service



This is the sales MP3 for the Mind over Matter Psi Master who wishes to go down the path of good and get all the good things in life and be a good person, have the riches, mansions, eight, nine and ten males or females, as their partners drive fast cars, have luxury holidays, and of course have the good health and longevity.


Until now, this was impossible but with the new Mind over Matter torsion field technology which Tim Rifat has developed and applied, this has now become the case.


To put it simply for the non-mathematician, those of you who watch The Matrix film will see that all the humans are put in pods and energy is uploaded from them. This of course is the two ounces of Higgs field that is lost when a human dies.


Simply put, Victorian scientists found that if they put a mortally ill person in a sealed chamber and then watch them die, this could not be done these days. But remember in Victorian times, there were loads of poor people who could be treated this way.


They found that the scales lost two ounces to two grams when that person died. This is impossible unless of course you have modern physics where in modern physics, all the standard model physical fields are mass-less. It was the Scotch physicist Higgs who came up with the Higgs field in order to explain this where Higgs goes on. A Higgs particle provided to electron magnetism in order to add mass to the fields of the physics which manifest you.


Now simply put, if this weight loss could be applied, then that would mean that – and turned into energy, when you died, all of you would create a Hiroshima type explosion.


So you can actually see that if you’ve got seven billion Hiroshimas going off when seven billion people die, this energy is enormous. So you can actually see The Matrix film was based on fact. The computers of course were soulless. The soulless machine has no soul, has no weight loss. Therefore they have no link to the soul space which of course is the fifth dimension. Therefore they have no psychic powers, no precognitive powers, no telekinesis, no psychokinesis, no ability to control time, going into different timelines, going into different dimensions. Therefore machines must have forms of humans in order to build an advanced culture.


Similarly, what we found is that the humans, seven billion worth of humans have been using this energy controlled by malefic entities to produce the common consensus. That seven billion nuclear weapons worth of energy which builds a psychokinetic reality which up to now is being called Zion.


This of course was shredded. Every human on the planet was rendered into a shell. This was done with the three aquariums in Fukushima which are spinning negative tops, vortexes of nuclear explosions which shreds souls.


These of course were then resonated with the earth. The earth’s call amplified and then this soul death field which takes away the two ounces to two grams of Higgs field was projected out of the north pole, put over the United States of America with the malefic super storm that’s happening as we speak.


This links up with the death spots on humans which is on the left shoulder blade, which is the position of North America on the earth’s energy body. This was then projected into the gap of the humans which is in the – around the navel, depending upon central mass. Opened up the energy body of humans. Blast them, kill them all and took out the two ounces to two grams of Higgs filed which then of course was transported to the operator of this weapon of mass destruction, this negative torsion field, anti-Higgs field mind over matter torsion field engine, which of course was controlled by Tim Rifat.


This then produced a seven billion humans worth of Higgs field, seven billion nuclear weapons worth of energy in order to form the basis for the new common consensus which has only one operator, myself.


All other humans become shells, no energy body; just lumps of flesh broadcasting electromagnetic radiation running around the planet, having no access to the fifth dimension because of course that’s what this two ounces to two grams does. It connects them to higher space and it now allows them to collapse the quantum wave function to produce reality. If they don’t have that, they can’t go to the fifth dimension. They can’t observe the quantum wave function. They can’t collapse it and point one of a second later, their brain can’t recall what they’ve done consensually as a group.


This then means that the only reality now for common consensus is Tim Rifat reality. This enables Tim Rifat to produce the Mind over Matter Psi Master who of course doesn’t wish to be a vampire, doesn’t wish to become a psychic warfare operator killer as in the Psychic Warfare Master Service but wishes to benefit from the killing death and destruction of the Psychic Warfare Master and remember it’s a zero sum game.


There are going to be millions of Psychic Warfare Masters killing people using psychic warfare. This of course uses a negative torsion field and of course the positive torsion field has to go somewhere. It of course goes into Tim Rifat and then can be replicated at a lower level in the Mind over Matter Psi Master.


This then of course enables the Psychic Warfare Master Service. Why? Well, a common consensus collapses the quantum wave function using the two ounces to two grams of Higgs field to link you to the fifth dimension where you can collapse the quantum wave function ahead of the present.


This then means that you can manifest in the real world, in The Matrix, if you go back to The Matrix film, what you want. So with the service, what’s collapsed for you is the common consensus always collapses the quantum wave function for your betterment. So that means if you’re in business, your business is quantum collapsed to keep your business alive and running and supplying you with energy.


If you buy the service, the quantum wave function is collapsed to keep your body fit and healthy. From my point of view, the British have been trying to kill me deniably with microwaves, poison, bio weapons, fatal to everyone who has had them. I’m still alive and kicking and kill them all.


So of course I can fully document that they protect you from fatal diseases and attacks. Remember the British have been trying to assassinate me with car crashes, et cetera, since 1996 with fatal doses of microwave. The police have been trying to stick me in prison since 1989.


So if you’re in any sort of business where the police, government wish to incarcerate you, it’s a must-have, so that you can kill off your enemies with a Psychic Warfare Master Service and then make sure that all your profits, all the money you make come to you and give you the omega heavens on earth service. The heaven on earth, that’s what the Mind over Matter Psi Master Service gives you.


For those of you – and there must be many, many people who don’t wish to become a vampire or kill people but wish to benefit from them, you’ve got all these people like myself killing, torturing and murdering all the psychic warfare masters, torture, murdering and killing and of course you have started being the negative torsion field manifesto or the positive torsion field manifesto where in fact all the positive good things manifest around you.


We know that Amalek, the overgod [0:12:16] [Phonetic] the new monster of the id that has taken over as the malefic entity, that was controlled to become a consensus hates good.


So you become a repository of Amalek’s toxic waste so the more pretty boys you have, the more pretty girls you have – I remember over 18 according to whatever laws are applicable. The more good stuff you’ve got in your mansion, art, gold, high end bling, the more quality cars you’ve got in your garage, the more money you spend on holidays, the more money you spend upon functions and enjoying yourself, the happier Amalek will be and of course remember all the negative torsion fields which are being manifest by the earth, from Fukushima are producing an immense, huge positive torsion field.


This of course is centered around the South Pole. The negative one is coming up the North Pole. So of course all humans are blocked from this positive torsion field because of Tim Rifat controlling the common consensus but this gigantic positive torsion field that’s coming out of the South Pole which of course enables the Mind Over Matter Psi Master to live in absolute luxury to go into site-based second attention, build an entire country in the second attention fed by the positive torsion field. Get the male energy from the seven billion people.


Remember Tim Rifat has extended these negative torsion fields from Fukushima to all future generations. So all babies no longer have the two ounces to two grams. All people in the past have been shredded for Tim Rifat. All people in other timelines have been shredded for Tim Rifat via the blue pulses. He has extended it to all the energy stolen by the parasites in the second attention of the dimensions to reclaim it and poison them with Amalek and negative torsion fields.


So we’ve got a gigantic reservoir of positive torsion fields and omega point positive torsion field reservoir, which is available to the Mind over Matter Psi Master.


Now of course luckily, the Rothschilds bought seven clear quartz crystals and a bone generator, which of course sucked all the positive torsion field out of the Rothschilds who control Zion.


They were stupid enough to create Harry Potter films to try and undo this with the seven Horcruxes and the Harry Potter bone generator to try and reverse this. Unfortunately, it’s irreversible because it’s time-dependent. When they tried to reverse it, they just added to it. So this means that the positive torsion field on the South Pole has been increased by eight factorial times. That’s one times two, times three, times four, times five, times six, times seven, times eight, which is 40,320 times more.


This can’t come from the people who have lost their two ounces to two grams. So what has happened is that this Higgs field has been created by the conversion of the human body.


Remember, the human body can be converted into Higgs field. That’s what the Fire from Within Castaneda books are about. They learn how to increase the two ounces to their entire body mass.


When they’ve learned how to do this, they burn with the fire from within. Their entire body mass is consumed, turned into Higgs field in the fifth dimension which allows them to manifest in the fifth dimension, the third attention.


So this means that thanks to the Rothschilds and the Harry Potter book readers, and people who have seen the films, those people pay the price because of course the psychic warfare negative torsion field was downloaded into the Rothschilds or the Harry Potter people which were mainly children who got loads and loads of yummy, yummy energy, all future generations in order to produce this 40,320 increase in the positive torsion field.


This then of course – since it’s a zero sum game, increases the negative torsion field around the North Pole by 40,320 times. This then means that eight which the Rothschilds have been using for their Wicker Man ritual becomes the Wicker Woman ritual, so that the number eight becomes an anti- Higgs-field psychotronic generator. So the number eight appearing on the computer screen, eight objects of any sort in your home, all of these shred and implant the negative torsion field energy in the target.


Simply put, think of the gigantic negative torsion field around the North Pole. Think of it as the plug in your house. When they’ve got Harry Potter books, they plug into it. When they’ve got Rothschilds, they plug into it. When they’ve got eight in their home, they plug into it. When they’ve got eight on their computer, they plug into it. Anything to do with eight plugs into it. Any Harry Potter book plugs into it. Any Harry Potter film plugs into it. Any television that has had Harry Potter on plugs into it. Any house that has had a Harry Potter book in it plugs into it. Anyone who has gone into a bookshop plugs into it. Anyone who has been into a library plugs into it. Anyone who has seen someone carrying a Harry Potter book plugs into it. Anyone who has seen a person with a Kindle plugs into it.


So you can actually see that the mass extermination of the human race has occurred. They’ve lost their two ounces. Then of course you do as a banker does, quantitative easing where you make money out of thin air and impose the debt on the public.


So this way, I’ve imposed a 40,320 amplification quantitative easing of the gross human product, the two ounces to two grams, to increase it to 40,320 times what it would have been.


This then of course, as you can see, enables Tim Rifat to give 40,320 clients. The Mind over Matter Psi Master Service, where they do absolutely nothing because the negative torsion field has been created by the Rothschilds, Harry Potter, JK Rowlings, wicker women and that allows me to sell 40,320 mind over matter services which are the ultimate free lunch.


This then gives you the second iteration of this positive torsion field, of this Higgs field. As you can see, a 40,320 Hiroshimas gives you a big Dr. Manhattan body. It allows you to – as you know, there are 16 ounces in a pound and 14 pounds in a stone. Therefore 40,320 – two ounces enables you to burn with a fire from within, go into the fire of dimensional Riemann manifold and duplicate the Castaneda stuff, going into side space. The ultimate free lunch for doing nothing.


So you can actually see that’s 40,320 clients, who are being offered the bargain of human history, thanks to the Rothschilds. They of course – Baroness Rothschild bought clear quartz crystals which uploaded all the good things to me and then of course quantitative eased it, 40,320 times.


It’s not in the billions, so it’s 40,320 times, times 40,320 times. But since you’re only getting one clear quartz crystal, you only get the 40,320 time amplification.


So for the service, you get a certificate which is the Mind over Matter Psi Master because we’re good boys in this one service. This of course gives you all the powers of the elder ones in the Harry Potter books to give you magical powers and powers up all the magical powers in the Harry Potter books.


Remember that according to the defense intelligence agency, psychotronic generators enable a non-psychic to become psychic and have psychic powers. If you pump enough energy into a person, they become super psychic going all the way up to the Dr. Manhattan body or the Dr. Manhattan body if you’re female.


This of course needs a positive psychotronic generator. Now since wood is the link to the dark energy matter realms, remember according to the Castaneda books, the two lowest levels of the seven dark energy matter realms can only be reached by turning into a tree. You quantum superimpose with the certificate wood, wood pulp, in order to reach this.


Remember all the energy of the human race is being downloaded in the past. Remember Druids worshipped wood, et cetera, et cetera. Vampires are killed by wooden stakes because the supernatural spirits, Zionites, hate vampires.


Remember all this energy is a repository downloaded into them and the elder ones certificate, Mind over Matter Psi Master certificate, uploads it all from the dark energy matter realms. Since the Rothschilds are these aliens, they agreed to the quantitative easing, 40,320 times amplification. So they agree to be tortured at a 40,320 infinity level higher than the base level of infinity.


Remember there were different levels of infinity, one, two, three, four, five. Then start to put in fractions in between. That’s a higher infinity. Irrational numbers, higher infinity. So you’ve got 40,320 times in mathematics to a higher level of omega hells, omega hells on earth, and of course this, it’s a zero sum game. That energy, positive torsion field, has to go somewhere.


It goes into the Mind over Matter Psi Master. This then of course powers the Mind over Matter Psi Master elder ones certificate, which then gives you the magical powers of the Harry Potter books plus all the psychic powers of a psi master or telekinesis, psychokinesis, et cetera.


Since I control reality which is a psychokinetic manifestation of the quantum wave function, that means that all reality is shaped so that everyone else gets the bad luck. You only get the good luck. So it’s like in the Final Destination films where death has a psychokinetic frame. Make sure the victim is killed.


In this reality, the psychokinetic frame, the final destination, is omega heavens, omega heavens on earth, powered by the control over the common consensus. So you can actually see this is the technology of heaven on earth, which was described in the bible and it’s only available to 40,320 people.


It could be broadened to 40,320 people times 40,320 people more in the future but won’t be because I’m a bastard. So this means that the service is limited edition. It costs $25,000. This might go up in the future to a million dollars or more, depending upon the law of supply and demand. But the first customers get it for the bargain basement price of $25,000. This of course must be wired to one of my offshore bank accounts or delivered to me in cash by courier or can be deposited as gold bullion, et cetera, et cetera.


All of this can be arranged. You pay any of the wire charges, courier charges, et cetera, et cetera. You also get a clear quartz crystal which is the positive Higgs field psychotronic generator, psychotronic crystal which quantum superimposes on your physical body to give you the devic [0:28:00] [Phonetic] body. It feels your gap, so their own force doesn’t age and kill you and of course you get psychotronic crystalware which allows you to go online and suck positive torsion fields out of anybody and everybody by touching the crystal, by touching the elder ones certificate, Mind over Matter Psi Master certificate, by putting the number eight onto any website worldwide and sucking out the positive torsion field and since of course you’re doing nothing but walking the path of good, going down the white path, all the good guys can benefit while us bad guys kill, torture, maim, rob, rape and damn everybody and you get the benefit of our work.


So you can see why according to channel two – channel four, one percent of the population is psychopaths because with the hundredth monkey effect, it’s the inverse hundredth monkey effect. One-one hundredth of us are psychopaths but you use the negative torsion field and the hundredth monkeys, a hundred of you, gets the positive torsion fields.


So you can actually see it’s an intrinsic part of human reality. You need the negative torsion field humans to supply the positive torsion fields by the hundredth monkey effect for the rest.


So once there are a hundred psychopaths doing psychic warfare mind over matter warfare, it becomes available to the human race. Since the human race has been exterminated by Tim Rifat, it all comes to Tim Rifat and Tim Rifat then of course can enable the new human race, the Mind over Matter Psi Masters to benefit from this positive torsion field.


Remember torsion is described mathematically. When you’ve got a sphere, you move a surface. Think of it as a bit of paper around the sphere and if it’s below the sphere when it comes back to its inception point, negative torsion. If it’s above the sphere, positive torsion. It can be at an angle to give you – as I say, angles in torsion field space but simply put, if your sphere is collapsing, negative torsion field. If your sphere is expanding, positive torsion field.


In the common consensus, you can see that the human race are imploding black holes of negative torsion that have actually imploded into a flat surface to leave only the flat surface, a bit of paper. A matrix entity, a two-dimensional cardboard cutout whose only purpose is to suffer and be eternally tortured. The sphere grows and grows from the victims, from the supernatural spirits in the wood realms who have been the end user of this Higgs field. It all goes now to the outward sphere of the mind over matter torsion field psi master which of course mind over matter torsion field is a trademark which of course comes to you and feeds you so that you then have a positive bubble of torsion fields, psychokinetic energy around you as you walk.


This of course shapes the quantum wave function, collapses it to give you all the good things in life. Everyone else has a negative torsion field surface that has them as an image on the negative torsion field surface of a vampire so that screaming faces, their images, are on the energy body of the vampire.


So of course, they’re in omega hells already and as you know, in a black hole, when you have a sun that is above a certain mass, it produces a sharp field radius because gravity collapses its mass.


This then produces a surface on the singularity. So when things fall into the surface, their images appear on the surface of the black hole. Similarly put, the human race has collapsed into the vampire singularity, powered by the Fukushima torsion field death engine.


They’re all now manifesting the quantum wave function of omega hells, omega hells on earth. The positive torsion field, remember black holes go to white holes, has to appear somewhere. Zero sum game and the 40,320 people who buy this service then have a bubble of white hole psychokinetic energy force, Higgs field around them, which collapses the quantum wave function to give them all the good things in life.


Basically, we’ve hijacked the common consensus, the group mind, the universal group mind to give a small number of people all the good things in life and their eventual faith being to appear in omega heavens. So basically to increase the torture of the damned, you want a small number of people in heaven who they can see having all the good things that the human race would have evolved to.


The vampires who torture the majority of people, the damned who enjoy killing, torturing and raping, the one percent of psychopaths like myself who just love kicking the shit out of evil bastards and make them suffer and pay; and the dammed of course suffer more because they can see the 40,320 people doing nothing, living in absolute joy on heaven forever in the omega point and they’ve done absolutely nothing to own it, which of course increases the torture of the damned.


All they’ve done is pay Tim Rifat $25,000 which will increase very soon to a million dollars and then go up, for the Mind over Matter Psi Master Service.


So I recommend that you buy into the service quickly because once my PsychicWarfare.com psi masters have created enough national security risk, the British government, the American government, European Union, et cetera, will try and ban it, make me front page like Snowden on every newspaper on the planet. Then you will only be getting billionaires applying for the Mind over Matter Psi Master Service because of course only 40,320 of them. When they’re gone, they’re gone and therefore it will be a market where only the super rich can buy in. So you have been warned. Thank you very much.

Price $25000