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INTRODUCTION is dedicated to revealing to the general public the intensive research by the US military and their Israeli Jewish masters, these 85 Jewish families that have all the wealth in the world.


The development of the 1950 MK-Ultra mind control experiments carried out by Dr. Cameron in Canada putting women patients in psychiatric hospitals into morgue coffins for six months at the time after giving them a colostomy. The Dr. Delgado experiments with implanting electrodes in the brains of animals to control their behaviour absolutely. The charging bull with electrodes in its brain can be stopped instantly. All of this led to the development of the MK-Ultra CIA project which used microwaves with Dr. Ross Adey to mind control the public.


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What the Jewish-run CIA wanted to do was to bleed this soul energy from the public to feed that psychic warfare Jedi. The Jedi Program, the development of US military operatives using this soul energy forced from the public by MK-Ultra experiments, started with the Star Trek original series where the Leonard Nimoy character fed energy to Uri Geller to give him telepathy powers, fed by the audience.


Pilot Briefing about the Deathstar Cutout effect

This then led to the Star Wars franchise which used MK-Ultra technology to bleed the audience of their soul energy, to force them to be bled dry when they watch the Star Wars film, to tune this energy to destroy the evil empire, the Soviet Union and the president of the Soviet Union, who was running the psychic warfare program at the time to kill him.


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This force was then used to enable the Jewish-run United States to conquer the world, destroy the Soviet Union, control Gorbachev to give up the evil empire, control the Russians to allow NATO to control all the countries to its border with the Russians doing nothing as they were mind-controlled by the force.


Now this force which controls the world, every activity in the world from sports to relationships to money-making has been sequestered by the new owners of the force,


We are allowed to use the force exclusively as our own property. By force majeure, we are the biggest, baddest Jedi on the planet able to kill the royal family at will. Look at Shand the brother of Camilla slaughtered by the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat, crashed planes and helicopters at will, put the Israeli Prime Minster Sharon into a brain mush coma using the force and to slaughter at will using remote-controlled surrogates anyone and everybody for ritual ceremonial magic which of course is an aspect of the force, occult warfare of which the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat is the complete master.

Practise with Lightsaber Cutout

Any other company that would try to market the force would be closed down by the US military overnight. Lucas is unable to do anything about us because of course he would be assassinated if he took us to court because is the most important corporation on the planet and the 85 Jewish families, these parasites that have been printing money, are terrified of publicising


If you now wish to be one of the knights of the force, one of the super users of the force, able to control everyone and everybody and reality, using the force, the strategic weapon system of the Pentagon now given exclusively to for your own use to make you rich and powerful and to enslave everyone around you as your servants or kill them at will. You simply now can get this technology exclusively from









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