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Grand Vizier Psychic Warfare Caliphate of Islamic State

( Located Brighton Beach)


The FBI, Tim Rifat´s sequestered bitches.

As Tim Rifat is above the law and does and says what he wants with total impunity. Fucking the patriot act and homeland security up the ass.´s main business is using psychic warfare to destroy selected teams in the NFL, Premier League, Basketball, Baseball, Ice hockey, to go after selected golfers in golf, to go after selected tennis players basically to destroy the game of sports so that we attack certain teams/leave other teams alone………therefor rigging the NFL conference winners, rigging the Premiership permanently, rigging Tennis, rigging Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Ice-Hockey, Motor Racing, anything that are human depending…
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Our Main Business

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Tim Rifats Psychic Warfare Caliphate:

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Using Russian Psychic Warfare Research to radicalize Muslims


Jewish Deathgoats to Power Up the Vampire Services

Omega Hell Engine that Powers Vampire Technology


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The Reasons behind the Danish Shootings on Valentines Day


The Torture Murder of MI5 NATO US Military Part 35

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Controlling the West for Profit


The Sequestration of Zion

Hostile Takeover of Israel and the West


The Torture Vivisection Murder of the Illuminati and Zion


Katy Perry The Queen of the West


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